Swansea Bay Pics

Beautiful Swansea Bay :

industrial, residential and urban

Part of my comprehensive library of high resolution aerial photographs, from Port Talbot to Llanelli including all of Swansea and Gower from 1999 to the present.

Images of Swansea Bay and Gower

Please select location of interest from the pictures below

South Gower 1

North Gower

South Gower 2

Mumbles Head

Swansea Eastside

Jersey Marine

Swansea Docks & Marina

Swansea City 2002

Llanelli & Burryport 2001



Graphic Art, Illustration and Photography

As a graphic artist and illustrator I have utilised photographic images for many purposes over the years. Now I like to show some of the pictures I have taken in their own right expressing the variety and beauty of this wonderful part of the world.


I have many thousands of high resolution photos of the area both aerial and ground based, so if you have a special location of interest please contact me  – swanseabaypics@gmail.com